My Six-Figure Forex Trading Story

How I Went From Broke to Financial Freedom With Forex

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Forex Trading For Beginners

I’m Alex. I am a full-time forex trader who has been blessed with success and financial freedom and created this website so that you have the same.

Are you wondering “How to start forex trading?”

I was in the same position years ago, before I started trading the foreign exchange. If you want to start forex trading and actually make money, keep reading!

But first, here’s my story.

Six years ago I was, like many others, searching on Google for ‘Ways To Make Money Online’.

I was twenty-one years old, broke, had just dropped out of college, and felt like an absolute failure.

At the time I worked in kitchens and after leaving school I thought I might be deep-frying chicken wings ’till the day I die.

I was desperate to find a way to make money from my computer.

Three years ago I discovered something online that changed my life drastically.

Now, I try to share this discovery with as many people as possible.

I found Online Forex Trading!

I was looking for a life style change. And I got that.

I came across an article in 2016 about foreign exchange trading.

I went ahead and learned everything I needed to know.

After that, I started making money on my own terms, from my computer. It was amazing.

If you happen upon this website of mine, I assume you are interested, too.

I hope you’ll take my advice and start today.

Trading in the financial market is daunting and complex. Stocks, bonds, indexes, it’s all absolutely confusing to me. Not to mention, you need $1000’s to get started, and I had nowhere near the funds for that.

That’s why the foreign exchange market is so great for people like you and me- you can start trading Forex today with just $500.


The most expensive part of starting to trade forex is learning.

It is basically essential to invest in a quality course that will teach you everything you need to know- this is what I call “forex school”, and it’s incredibly important.

What I want to stress here is that this is not a ‘get rich quick’ method, however this is a path to financial freedom.

This is a route to making your income 100% online.

No need to clock in or work in an office.

Three years ago I put a few hundred dollars into a forex trading platforms and three years later I am consistently making over $2000 a week.

My 2020 my goal is to double it.

That’s because the popularity of foreign exchange trading is constantly growing, which means more methods and resources are made available every day.

Forex Trading For Beginners

When I started trading forex I researched everything I could about how to start trading on the foreign exchange market.

It was hard. For instance, there are different strategies, platforms, guides, trading websites. It was all very daunting.

And that’s why I started my website, and I couldn’t be happier you stopped by.

My goal for this website, ‘Forex Freshmen’, is to provide a valuable resource for beginners who are looking to find financial freedom through forex trading.

The foreign exchange market is getting increasingly popular by the day which means it’s increasingly more difficult to make sense of it all.

I’ve spent hours upon hours compiling writing guides about the forex markets, how to start trading, and the best platforms to start trading on.

So, I truly hope I am of help to you. And good luck.

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Forex Trading For Beginners

This is how I learned to trade forex incredibly fast and was able to start making money right away. You can’t simply start making money if you don’t know how the forex markets actually work- make a smart initial investment so you can learn how to make money from the comfort of your own home!

After you’ve gone through the course, you’re going to need to register with a forex broker. This is where you will do your trading and make all of your money with!

Choose your broker wisely, it’s very important. I’ve recommended two of my favorites brokers that offer a ton of free resources to help you trade.

Once you’re signed up with a broker, start trading! Keep learning. Invest in tools that will help you make profitable trades. Stay up to date on forex news, and you will be a pro in no time.

Make sure to grab your Free Forex Trading Fortunes PDF below!

“The process by which one accumulates money is so simple, yet so hard to implement for most.”

-Yvan Byeajee