Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Worth the Money?

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: An In-Depth Look at the Program

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Interested in a mentorship program for forex traders that actually provides value?

This Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review will be a deep dive into my new favorite forex training program and I hope this program will help others the same way it helped me.

This mentorship program is an all-inclusive program that teaches forex. It truly is a fantastic program, which is why it currently has (as of April 10, 2020) a 4.69 Star Rating on (based on 128 Reviews), which is no easy feat.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Read the Reviews for Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 on

Forex Mentor Pro has been around since 2008 and has only increased it’s reputation since then, and as of 2020 there are thousands of active members inside the program.

In a crowded industry full of scams and crappy products, Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 offers real help for those who want to learn forex trading and start making money fast.

There is a lot packed into this program, so in this Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review I will try to give you an inside look at exactly what you are getting when you join as a member.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Program Details

PRODUCT:                      Forex Mentor Pro 2.0

Creators:                              Marc Walton & Pierre du Plessis & Rich Frieson
Product Type:                      Software and Training Forex Program (Web-based)
Founded:                              2008
Price:                                    $47 USD/month or $197 USD/year or $397 USD/lifetime
Refund:                                 No Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Website:                               CLICK HERE
Verdict:                                100% RECOMMENDED 

(Read Entire Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review for More Info)

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Who’s It For?

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This mentorship program is intended for forex traders of all expertise, but I recommend it especially for beginner to intermediate traders.

Forex Mentor Pro is a program that provides a full-on, all-encompassing introduction to forex trading.

This includes topics such as:

  • Trading Psychology
  • Recommended Books
  • Recommended Brokers
  • Recommended Tools & Products

A lot of new forex traders are left lost in a world of forex courses and products and have no clue how to actually learn forex.

If you are a beginner or intermediate forex trader, make sure to read this entire Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review; this mentorship program will lay it out, step-by-step, how to get setup with forex trading and how to learn to make profitable trades.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what the program is all about.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Who’s Behind It?

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This mentorship program was founded by three guys who are actually professional forex traders (crazy, right?) and hav each had success in their own right.

They are as follows:

Marc Walton

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Marc Walton

Marc Walton is the man who founded Forex Mentor Pro and has been helping traders learn since 2008.

Marc’s story is similar to many of us when we tried to start forex trading – the first few years were tough, especially back in Marc’s time before there were programs and websites out there to help beginner forex traders find their feet.

After years of failure (including dumping money on useless forex courses), Marc found a retired trader to teach him how forex works – within 18 months he grew his account to over $1 million dollars.

Eventually, Marc found his success and has helped thousands of others with his mentorship program. He remains active in Forex Mentor Pro and also continues to trade forex successfully.

Pierre Du Plessis

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Pierre Du Plessis

Pierre Du Plessis is actually a living and breathing example of how Forex Mentor Pro helps traders – starting as a student of the mentorship program in 2010, he now trades full time from the comfort of his own home.

Now a full-time mentor, Pierre offers help almost every day to other students on the course and offers especially helpful strategies to the beginner-intermediate forex traders.

Rich Frieson

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Rich Frieson

Rich Frieson is a trader with some background; formerly a Merril Lynch employee trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he went on to found his own trading firm.

Considering his 30+ years of experience trading for banks and hedge funds, his expertise really adds to the Forex Mentor Pro program and it shows in the training material and webinars he provides.

Andi Thornton

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Andi Thornton

Andi Thornton is a long time Forex Mentor Pro member turned full-time mentor and teacher.

Like others, Andi struggled for years to turn a profit with forex trading until he eventually found his way to a six-figure income.

His blog posts and training inside the Member’s Area includes research, analysis, and trade ideas.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0: What’s Inside

A Video by Marc (Founder) Showing the Member’s Area

Once you join as a member of Forex Mentor Pro, you get access to a few different sections and benefits.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Member’s Area Dashboard

This includes:

  • a Full Forex Foundation Training Course (videos)
  • Trading Systems & Custom Indicators
  • Daily Video Analysis Coaching Program
  • Private Member’s Forum Access
  • Weekly Live Trading Sessions
  • Trading Plans
  • Personal Calls With a Mentor

Let’s look at what is packed inside each of these sections.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
What’s Inside Forex Mentor Pro 2.0

Mentor’s Blogs

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Each of the mentors have their own blog where they discuss strategies, news, and any relevant topics that they feel are worth trading.

This section contains valuable insight from forex traders who have been making a living for decaded solely from trading – anyone can learn a thing or two in this section.

Each of the mentor’s clearly puts effort in continuously updating the section with new content regularly.


Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This is a section dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of forex trading – for the absolute beginner, this is some essential knowledge that is worth perusing before you get into the other sections of the program.

The fundamentals section includes information about the economic calendar, currency correlations, and the major currency pairs.


Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This is where Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 really shines as a program.

The mentorship program is designed to educate beginner to intermediate traders on how to trade forex, and they really do just that – the educational section is one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever seen and doesn’t leave anything out that’s important.

The education course is broken down in modules like so:

  1. Start Here
  2. Earth and Sky System
  3. Marc’s M2 Strategy
  4. Trading Fundamentals
  5. Trading Psychology
  6. FMP 1 Hour Trigger System
  7. Live Training Sessions
  8. Misc Trading Strategies
  9. Private Coaching
  10. FMP Advanced Forex Mentor Program
  11. Gold Course

Think that’s enough?

Believe it or not, each of these modules is broken down into even smaller sections of at least 20+ videos each.

For example, this is what it looks like inside the ‘Start Here’ module:

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Yep, that’s everything that’s packed into the very first module… and there’s 11 modules total.

Inside each of these ‘Units’ is instrucitonal material, text or video, that goes over the topic in detail with the beginner in mind.

I can’t stress enough how valuable this education resource is for forex traders – it is essentially an academy that guides you from beginner to pro trader.

For the education section alone, I personally recommend Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 for anyone who’s ready to start earning money trading.


Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

The forum inside Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 is active and offers a lot of useful information discussion pertaining to general forex topics and current economic news, as well as strategies and other helpful insights.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Not only is the forum frequented by the mentors, fellow students inside the program also use it – the forum is a big bonus for trader’s who either have questions or simply want to explore more strategies and tips related to forex trading.


Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This is a straightforward section dedicated to help those traders who have yet to register with a forex broker.

They also offer a consultation with a forex fund manager to help you get on your way and find a broker for your personal location and needs.

Trusted Products

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

This is another simple section – it includes recommended products and books for forex traders looking to expand their knowledge, as well as information about Marc and Pierre’s MAM Account (unless you have a lot of cash in the bank, you don’t need to worry about this just yet).

The books and products the team suggests are quite helpful and not to be missed.


Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Lastly, this is the section to go to if you are in need of any support or help with any of the Forex Mentor Pro materials or technical issues.

If you need to contact any of the mentors for whatever reason, this is where you can find their information.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Testimonials

Before I ever purchase a forex-related product or program, I always check ForexPeaceArmy.

It is essentially the ‘Yelp’ of the forex world, where customers can go to either complain or praise a company.

Forex Peace Army is where a lot of scams and crappy forex products get exposed for what they really are – for example, in the review I did for Trend Profiteer, I found that an overwhelming amount of people felt they were ripped off by the product.

Naturally, I realized that Trend Profiteer was not worth anyone’s money or time, and I reflected that in my review.

So, you could say I was quite surprised to see the responses for Forex Mentor Pro on the website.

As of April 2020, Forex Mentor Pro (the company) has a 4.69 Star Rating on Forex Peace Army, based on 128 total reviews.

This is insane.

It is incredibly rare to ever find forex-related products or services that have almost all positive reviews – it’s simply unheard of.

This is when I really realized that this mentorship program was worth promoting – not only did I find that the resources offered inside the program seemed valuable, but seeing feedback from customers who have been in the program for over 5 years now really gave me confidence in this company!

Some of the reviews that really stood out to me were:

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

Again, these are only a handful of the 100+ positive reviews – you can check them out for yourself by clicking here.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0: Membership Costs

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review
Membership Costs

The mentorship program offers three different ways of paying, each with their own benefits.

If you are interested in the program but not entirely sure that it’s for you yet, go with the Monthly Membership – if you’re feeling confident and want to get a crazy discount, the Annual and Lifetime Membership offers a lot of money off the price.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review

When you purchase the Annual Membership, you actually get a 30 Minute Call from one of the mentors where you both work to create a personal plan for your forex trading.

With the Lifetime Membership, you get a call with a mentor and constant reviews of your plan – for those who really want to make a career out of forex trading, this is a great option for you.

The company makes it risk free to join – each membership option offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so you don’t have to worry if the program ends up not working for you.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Discount

There is a 65% Discount on the Annual Membership of Forex Mentor Pro.

Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 Review: Final Words

I cannot overstate enough how impressed I am by the depth of Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 program.

The creators include everything you need to know and more about every aspect of forex trading you can imagine, and for the price of $47/month (or less if you choose the other plans), it is a no brainer.

With a subscription to Forex Mentor Pro, you hardly need to pay attention to any other news or forex-sources since the mentors are constantly posting any and all relevant information you need in order to make profitable trades – for this reason, the monthly member’s fee seems like nothing considering how much is offered inside the program.

If you have any questions or concerns about Forex Mentor Pro 2.0, feel free to Contact Me.

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What is the cost of Forex Mentor Pro 2.0?

There are three different membership options, each with their own benefits; the basic membership plan is $47 USD a month.

Will this program teach me to trade forex?

Yes, this mentorship program is designed to teach forex trading to absolute beginners, and to provide resources for traders of all skill levels.

Is there a refund available if I don’t like the program?

Yes, Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 offers a full 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Is there an open forum inside the program?

Yes, Forex Mentor Pro 2.0 has a member’s forum inside the program that is updated/added to regularly by the mentors and active members.

How do I join Forex Mentor Pro?

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