Is Forex Gambling? | The Answer Might Shock You

Is Forex Gambling?

The world of Forex Trading is commonly misunderstood, with many unaware people who are not entirely sure what forex actually is, or stands for. If you are familiar with what forex is, then you may be surprised to hear that there are those out there who believe that forex is gambling! So, is forex gambling? … Read more

Is Forex Worth It? | Risk Management in Forex

Is Forex Worth It

Is Forex Trading Really Worth It? It’s no secret that forex trading is a dangerous game for most people. In fact, I’ve even heard from reputable sources that the success rate for forex traders is less than 10%. This leaves many wondering, is forex worth it? It depends. According to The Balance, over 96% of … Read more

What are Bull and Bear Markets in Forex? | Explained

What are Bull and Bear Markets in Forex

What are bull and bear markets in forex? These are terms used to describe whether the financial markets are appreciating and depreciating, and have a great influence on how certain currencies are performing in relation to one another.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Forex Trading?

how long does it take to learn forex trading

A question asked often is ‘How long does it take to learn forex trading?’ Another one I see is ‘How long does it take to master forex trading?’ Typically, it will take about 3-6 months to become adequate in forex trading.

Is Forex Legit?

Is Forex Legit

Is Forex Legit? Yes, forex is legit – however, there are plenty of scams and shoddy products out there in the industry that are not worth your time or money. It’s all about figuring out what is legit and what is not.