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Soooo Tradeology just released a new program.

From what I understand, it was originally for sale years ago, for a limited time of course. It made a lot of newbie traders boatloads of money, and this new ‘2020 version’ has a mobile app, as well as other additions.

Then, three or so years later, now it’s available for less than a week.

It’s legit, according to everyone. I’m a big fan of Tradeology, and have done reviews of their products in the past (like this one).

They’ve made lots of traders really successful – from my experience, Tradeology’s systems are really easy to follow, even if you’re just learning forex.

(I would actually say this product is best for people who are making less than $4,000/month from forex, and want to reach that $8,000-10,000/month level)

And I’m sure this program is no different.

At $500 (use my discount code) it’s pretty expensive, but when you compare it to how many trades you will win using the system it doesn’t seem that bad. You have to look at it like an investment – that’s the only way to win at this whole forex thang, in my opinion.

And, of course, there are added bonuses as well, and one of them is worth the money alone. But that’s just me 🙂

For this review, I’m gonna make it short and sweet. Everything you need to know is listed on the Sales Page.

Alright, let’s do this:

New Science of Forex Trading – Details

Product:New Science of Forex Trading (NSOFT)
Product Type:Software (System) + Course + Mobile App
Price:$500 USD (use code NSOFT20 for 20% discount)
Verdict:100% Recommend

NSOFT Review

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Who is Tradeology?

Tradeology is a reputable company in the forex game.

They’ve been around for about a decade by now, and have made products like:

  • Accelerating Profits
  • ND10X
  • Ultimate Profit Solution
  • Infinite Profit System

^ These systems ^ have made a lot of people a lot of $$$, to say the least.

The company is run by this dude:

Adrian sometimes puts on forex webinars, courses, etc. But usually he’s behind-the-scenes.

Although Adrian runs Tradeology, NSOFT was actually designed by a forex-guru called Toshko Raychev.

He has a story of his own…

Who is Toshko Raychev?

Toshko Raychev, Creator of Ultimate Profit Solution, Sales Page
Toshko Raychev, Creator ‘New Science of Forex Trading (NSOFT)’


I personally didn’t know that was a thing, but I guess it is – and apparently this guy really knows his stuff.

He’s from Russia, which is pretty cool. A Russian forex-trading mastermind is something you don’t see everyday.

To be honest, being a good forex trader doesn’t always mean much when it comes to teaching – I’ve met people who are millionaires from trading but can’t explain a simple strategy to me.

Luckily Toshko isn’t one of those people.

Not only is he a master trader, but he really knows how to teach.

The same strategies he used to win his championship titles are the one he ‘dumbed-down’ and simplified, putting them in the NSOFT program. That’s why so many newbie traders have been killing it with his system – Toshko knows how to teach it and how to help others succeed.

He gives us NSOFT and makes us boatloads of money, we pay him $500 – sounds like a good deal to me.

NSOFT – What You Get

Alright, here’s the deal:

One of the main reasons this ‘New Science of Forex Trading’ is so great is because of three reasons:

  • the lessons + strategies inside are simple, easy to follow, insanely profitable, and I’ve never seen them shared anyone else
  • the bonuses that come with it are incredibly useful
  • there is so much content inside!

Seriously, this thing is packed full. You truly are getting your money’s worth.

I said this Review was gonna be short and sweet, so I won’t go into all of it here – but you get 6 different lessons:

  1. Basic Trading Concepts (everything you need to know to start trading right away, even if you’re a newbie)
  2. Risk and Fundamentals (how to completely avoid risk in your trading – no more lost money or trades)
  3. Component and Rules (simple rules you need to follow to become a forex-trading savage)
  4. Trade Setup Examples (easy examples to imprint the lessons into your trade – watch once, and start making serious money)
  5. Live Trades (watch the pro in action – you can see samples of this on the Sales Page)
  6. Putting it all Together (watch this, then go start trading NOW!)

You also get the ‘New Science of Forex Trading Manual‘ – one read of this bad boy and you will start winning more trades instantly, I guarantee it.

Like I said, this Russian fellow really knows his stuff.

Better, he really knows how to teach it.

Also, you get some bonuses that are pretty amazing – one of them is especially good, and I consider it even more worth it then the actual NSOFT system.

(when you read the Sales Page you’ll know which one I’m talking about)

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention… there’s also an app.

This product is legit, and I really recommend to anyone who is making less than $3,000/month trading forex and wants to make $8,000/month+.

Toshko Raychev has taken newbies and turned them into self-employed traders, moving out of their parent’s houses into their own apartments, new cars, etc.

I’m hoping this program will let me get that new Tesla I want, but only time will tell.

This really is the type of program that can change lives.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity – I’ll see you inside the program myself.

Oh yeah, BTW, there is only about 40 or so copies left for purchase. They limit the amount of people that can get the program at one time.

They released it in 2015 I think, and it’s now 2020 and they just released it again – it could be another 5 or more years until it’s available to the public again.

Like I said, I really haven’t seen this strategy that’s inside NSOFT shared anywhere else – it seems like only the people who got the program back in 2015 know how it works. It’s the same strategy Toshko used to win his championship, and it’s making lots of people lots of money right now… hopefully it helps me as well.

We’ll see!

No reason for you to miss out on this opportunity I say.

Hit the button below to see if there’s still any spots available:


20% Discount Code

Use code NSOFT20 for 20% off the program + software + mobile app + bonuses.

(you can use the code by clicking the link below)


Is NSOFT good for beginners?

Yes, I would say it’s perfect for beginners.

Is 'New Science of Forex Trading' a physical product?

No, all course contents + software + mobile app is digital.

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, it’s one-time purchase and you own it for life, as well as lifetime access to the Member’s Area.

Is there a coupon for NSOFT?

NSOFT20 for 20% off.

Is there a refund?


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