1000PIP BUILDER REVIEW | Best Forex Signals in 2020?

This 1000Pip Builder Review will be a deep dive into what I believe to be one of the more exciting forex services out today.


Forex Signals are an incredibly overlooked service when it comes to forex trading – they can be helpful no matter how experienced you are in forex trading.

BUT, as always, not every forex signals service out there is worth your hard-earned cash.

…some will help you make money, some will not.

This is why services like 1000Pip Builder need to be evaluated very closely before they should be purchased.

Not only will we look at everything you get with a subscription to 1000Pip Builder, but I’ll also go over what forex signals actually are and how you can use them to help you be a better forex trader.

I reached out to the owner of 1000Pip Builder in order to write this review – he gave me access to their signals program for a couple of days, and without spoiling I will say this… I was quite impressed with the profits I made from basing my trades off of these signals.

So without further ado, here’s ForexFreshmen’s 1000Pip Builder Review.

Traders Trading Forex

1000Pip Builder – Details

PRODUCT:1000Pip Builder
Creator:Bob James
Product Type:Forex Signals Provider/Service
Price:Starts at $97/month
Verdict:100% Recommended (READ FULL REVIEW)

What are Forex Signals?

Forex signals picture

Forex Signals are one of the greatest gifts that technologically has given to us forex traders.

Essentially, forex signals are recommendations on a certain financial asset.

So, this can mean a recommendation of a certain currency pair position to enter at a certain price and time.

This is why forex signals are so great for beginner to intermediate traders… you are basically being spoonfed what trades to make.

Who’s behind these forex signals?

Forex signal providers can either be a full team or just one person.

The people (or person) behind these forex signals services are usually professional forex traders, sometimes a full team of analysts and experts who (preferably) have a much greater knowledge (and a much bigger bank account) than you.

Forex signals allow you access to see exactly what trades professional forex traders are making.

Usually, the signals you will receive will be the actual trades that are being entered and exited by a team.

Forex signals can also be automated (robots and EA’s) but when we talk about signals, we are usually referring to a human signal provider.

Why are forex signals good for beginners?

Not only are you being given the exact currency pair to trade, but you are given (usually) all the other details needed to enter and exit the trade at the proper time.

If you are a beginner forex trader, signal services (like 1000 Pip Builder) help you make trades that you likely would not have noticed or simply not have known exactly how to execute the trade.

BUT, what forex signals are also good for are teaching you how to make profitable trades.

After some time following successful forex signals service, you will slowly learn how to find these trades for yourself.

Your learning curve is shortened because you will naturally be taught the logic that goes into all these trades you are receiving.

Also, sometimes certain forex signals providers will actually explain the logic behind the trades they make… an insight that is incredibly valuable.

How are forex signals delivered?

Forex signals are typically delivered by email or text message (SMS) – this is crucial since these recommendations are time-sensitive. 

If you see your signals too late, then you probably missed the opportunity to enter the trade that was being recommended to you (if you are using a good forex signals provider, this can mean missing out on lots of money!)

If you want some more info on forex signals and why I choose to use (and endorse) them, check out my post here.

What is 1000Pip Builder?

Features of 1000Pip Builder for the review of the signals service

1000Pip Builder is a forex signals service.

In the case of 1000Pip Builder, the provider of these signals is one person (more on that later).

When you subscribe to the signals, you get sent a bunch of great introductory information that teaches you the basics of using forex signals and other helpful info on forex trading in general.

Again, if you are new to forex trading, 1000Pip Builder has your back.

The signals you get sent are not based on a specific account size – for example, it doesn’t matter whether you have $10 or $1,000,000 in your forex account, the signals you get sent are based on pips, not on how much money you need to put in to open a position.

The entry price, take profit, and stop-loss are all provided as well – this means you only need to input the various levels and leave the trade. 

It does not matter where you live since the signals are sent out 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

When you subscribe to 1000Pip Builder, you will get emails like these:

In addition to text messages, telling you all the information you need to enter and exit the same trades that Bob James is making (although I assume you won’t be betting nearly as much money as Bob is).

See, one of the reasons I have so much faith in these signals isn’t just because I personally found them to be accurate… it’s also because the man who is providing these signals is trading with a lot more money than me or you.

If he’s risking thousands of dollars on every trade he makes, then I feel like a can trust him a great deal.

In summary, 1000Pip Builder is a signal provider that will tell you when to enter and exit a trade, suggestions that are sent out by a trusted forex analyst who is personally entering the same trades he recommends.

Who’s Behind 1000Pip Builder?

Forex Trading Tips | Learn About Trading | 1000Pip Builder
Bob James, Forex Trading Pro

1000Pip Builder is owned and operated by a man named Bob James, the lead trader (there is also a team of professionals who help determine the forex signals).

I reached out to Bob to get a free trial of 1000Pip Builder to do this review – he seems like a pleasant yet knowledgable man.

From my research, I found that he has over 10 years of experience in forex trading as both a mentor and a trader.

Bob worked for one of the top financial services institutions in London and now spends his time trading forex for clients and running the 1000Pip Builder signals service.

ALSO, according to my research, Bob has sufficient fundamental and technical analysis which I assume is why these signals are so great. 

The strategy Bob prefers (and the strategy you will be basing your trades off of if you decide to join 1000Pip Builder) is mostly based off trend trading – according to the 1000Pip website, his key strength is to ‘interpret price movements’ and determine exactly what is happening behind the scenes.

In other words, he notices trends and figures out whether these trends will continue depending on what is driving them (ie. economic data, news, etc.)

Bob and his team are a strong driving force and these signals are a reflection of their expertise and talent.  

1000Pip Builder Signals Trading Strategies

Forex Trading Strategies

These are the three ‘strategies’ that the 1000Pip Builder team uses to send out forex signals.

Trend Capture

Trend Capture is the main strategy used by the 1000Pip Builder team – using this strategy, technical and fundamental analysis is used to follow long term trends to try and identify possible profitable trades.

By combining chart patterns, support and resistance zones, and short term momentum, trades are identified as having the potential to make lots of money, and then the signals are sent out to all members of 1000Pip Builder.

Range Trap

The next strategy used is short-medium term range trading strategy – profits are lower in a ranging market but can still result in some great trading profits.

Using this strategy, clear support/resistance zones are identified and then chart and candle pattern analysis are used to analyze trade bounces from both the bottom and top of the range.

Momentum Rider

The third strategy used by the 1000Pip Builder team is based on following political and news events and following changes in markets caused by these events.

The goal here is to catch the strong price movement and make a profit off of these currency shifts before the momentum stops – by using specialist strategy to analyze activity between short and long term price movements and trends, tidy profits can be made very quickly!

Trades and signals based on the ‘momentum rider’ strategy are very time sensitive, so make sure to get the 1000Pip Builder signals sent straight to your phone.

How Does 1000Pip Builder Work?

More features to be used for the 1000Pip Builder Review

The way 1000Pip Builder works is quite simple – you sign up (after paying the fee of course) and you get 2-7 ‘signals’ sent to both your email and mobile phone (by text).

The email looks like this:

Example of signals for the 1000Pip Builder Review

…and you can imagine what the text message looks like.

The signals tell you exactly what currency pair to trade, open price, stop loss, etc.

It’s everything you need to know to follow the trade and mimic the experts who run the signals service.

Then, by following the signals every single day, you will slowly (but surely) build your bankroll.

Again, these signals are perfect for beginners – you will learn how to trade all while making money just by entering trades exactly what these signals tell you to do.

Also, when you register for 1000Pip Builder, you get sent an ‘introductory email’ that explains everything you need to know to follow the signals.

The monthly target is 350 pips – you can do the math to see how much you’ll make depending on the size of your account.

As stated by Bob, he mostly trades the following currency pairs:


The process from trade to signal goes like this:

  1. When Bob and the team identify and enter a trade, he does so at the current market price.
  2. A message (the signal) is automatically sent out to you (the subscriber) as soon as the trade is entered (there is a slight delay between the message sent and you receiving it).

For example, here’s an opening signal example:

1000Pip Builder Review Opening Signal Example

With this signal, Bob has taken a long position in the currency pair USDCAD (he does so since he believes the price of USDCAD might increase).

NOTE: ‘Long’ does not refer to the duration of the signal but the direction.

‘Long’ and ‘Short’ simply means ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’, respectively.

So, in this example, Bob entered the trade at the price of 1.3360.

His stop loss is at 1.3310.

His take profit is 1.3462.

Sometimes you will see a better entry price than Bob did when he entered the trade, sometimes not – it doesn’t matter, since in the long run the difference will cancel out.

So, following the above example, a better entry price would be one lower than 1.3360 .

A worse entry price would be higher than 1.3360.

The difference is usually no more than a pip or two.

If, for some reason, Bob decides to close the trade before the set ‘take profit’ or ‘stop loss’, he sends out a signal informing you of the decision (all trade decisions Bob and the team personally makes are sent out to you, so you must always have your phone or email ready if you are entering a trade)!

So as to manage risk properly, you must adjust your stake/lot size accordingly, taking into account the different stop loss size – Bob does this by adjusting stake/lot size so that if the trade is stopped out, his trading account will decrease by only 1%.

For example, if trading with a $1,000 account, 1% is $10.

If stop loss was 10 pips, a stake of $1 per pip would be used for stake size.

If stop loss was 100 pips, a stake of $0.1 per pip would be used for stake size.

(Sound confusing for you? Don’t worry – a guide and all relevant information is sent out when you subscribe to the 1000Pip Builder Signals Service)

It is also worth mentioning that you do not need to follow every single trade – you might be asleep or away sometimes, which is no problem.

Many members of all signals services trade only part of the signals offered…

…you can trade as much of these signals as you want, it’s no worries.

(Some even trade on their forex trading app at work)

The best part about signals is you can be out and can only trade when you are alerted by your signal provider.

As in, if you subscribe to a signals provider (like 1000Pip Builder), you don’t have to watch charts all day – you can go about your day as you please, only entering and exiting trades when you are alerted to do so.

This is why signal providers like 1000Pip Builder are a dream come true for forex traders.

For the next part of this 1000Pip Builder Review, let’s take a look at how the signals have performed in the past.

1000Pip Builder Results

We are actually able to look at how the signals have performed historically thanks to myfxbook.com.

(You can look at them yourself here)

Here’s a chart showing the profit over the last year:

Overall Gain for the 1000Pip Builder Review

And here’s the monthly gains for all of 2019:

MyFXBook Results for 1000Pip Builder Signals

You can see that overall the signals from 1000Pip Builder have been profitable, with some months being VERY profitable.

1000Pip Builder – Testimonials

All websites where you can find testimonials and reviews of 1000Pip Builder
You Can Find 1000Pip Builder Testimonials at The Above Websites.

There are very few products/services/programs that I’ve reviewed that have as much positive feedback as 1000Pip Builder does.

Here are some testimonials that I’ve found from around the internet.

First, a few from ForexPeaceArmy (read more reviews for yourself here):

And here’s some from TrustPilot (read those reviews here):

1000Pip Builder Reviews from TrustPilot

Anyways, you get the idea – compared to other products and services I’ve reviewed, the reviews for 1000Pip Builder are impressive.

1000Pip Builder Review – Final Verdict

Great Summary of all benefits of the signals service for the 1000Pip Builder Review

Here I will examine the Pros and Cons of 1000Pip Builder and deliver my final verdict on whether or not I recommend this service.


  • Signals sent every day by email or SMS (text)
  • Service comes with a guide and support from the team (easy for beginners)
  • Signals give you all the info you need to make trades
  • Team of analysts and professional forex traders make all the predictions
  • Great reviews all over the internet
  • 5-star ratings at investing.com and trustpilot.com
  • Good track record of making profits


  • Can be pricey for some
  • Only for forex trading (no stocks)
  • Support can take a while sometimes


I 100% wholeheartedly recommend this signals provider – if you are a beginner to intermediate forex trader this is a huge opportunity to help you make big profits in a short amount of time.

There are very few products/services I’ve reviewed that I have been this impressed with.

I actually purchased this product myself after doing my review and have been very satisfied with the signals thus far, and I am excited to continue following them to hopefully make more money as time goes on.

NOTE: 1000PipBuilder is currently offering a 20% discount from their usual membership price – I highly suggest getting in at this price before they raise it again. Don’t miss this opportunity! 

Learn to Trade Forex

learn to trade forex

One thing that 1000Pip Builder does not offer is any type of training guide for learning how to actually trade forex.

If you are interested in learning how to trade forex and go from complete beginner to pro in a matter of weeks, head over here to read my review of a mentorship program that is both cheap and valuable.

Thanks for reading.

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Is 1000Pip Builder Signals good for beginners?

Yes, these signals are fantastic for beginner to intermediate forex traders.

How many signals fo you get per day?

About 2 to 7 signals are sent out per day.

Is there a minimum account size needed?

No, even traders with very small accounts can succeed with these signals.

Can you sign up for just one month?

Yes you can – you must register and then reach out to the team to cancel.

How are the signals sent out?

The signals are sent out by e-mail and SMS (text).

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