What is Stop Loss in Forex?

What is Stop Loss in Forex

“Always use stop-loss orders.” -W.D. Gann, legendary investor/trader What is Stop Loss in Forex? Stop loss in Forex is a great way to minimize the amount of money you lose through trading.e It is an exit plan in the event of a losing trade. Essentially, stop loss is a limit you set to minimize your … Read more

Is Forex Trading a Scam? Is Forex Scamming?

Is Forex Trading a Scam?

Is Forex Trading a Scam? Many people ask online “Is Forex Trading a Scam”, and I am here today to tell you that forex trading is not a scam, nor is forex scamming. The ‘forex explosion‘ as I like to call it has taken the make money online world by storm. So many people are flocking … Read more

Is Forex Trading Profitable? | In-Depth Examination

Is Forex Trading Profitable?

The short answer is yes. Forex Trading can be very profitable, although that’s not to say there isn’t risk. With something like trading stocks or foreign currency markets, there is an opportunity to bank hard – and what comes with that is the chance of losing lots of money.

What is a Forex Broker?

What is A Forex Broker

  What is a Forex Broker? This is a common question I see asked online about forex and it’s an important one. Forex broker give you the ability needed to trade. Simply put, brokers are the medium through which you trade. If you want to make forex trades, you need a way to access the … Read more

What is Forex Trading?

Forex Basics For Beginners

What is Forex Trading and How Does it Work? The best place to start if you’re a beginner is to understand what forex actually is. Forex, FX, or foreign exchange, is the buying and selling of currency in order to gain profit.  Have you ever gone on vacation and exchanged money for another currency, such … Read more