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Infinite Profit System Review: Worth the Money?

Infinite Profit System Review Forex


The people over at Tradeology are releasing a new system (AVAILABLE NOW!) called the Infinite Profit System.

I’ve been a fan of some of their past programs, especially the ND10X system, which is by far one of the best systems I’ve come across in the forex game. I’ve been exploring and trying different forex programs for years now and it’s fair to say I’ve wasted way too much money on shoddy forex courses, so after buying ND10X I was ecstatic that I had finally come across a program that was worth the investment.

After the ND10X system started working for me (and it does, for anyone who is willing to go through the entire thing and actually use it to make forex trades) I increased my profits by over 13% the first month.

I’ve used so many forex robots/indicators/courses/programs and while some of them helped, most of them were not even worth downloading for free. (You can read about avoiding forex scams here).

Anyways, after my profits increased with ND10X and I started really picking up my game, I was instantly a lifelong customer for Tradeology (the company that makes these systems).

So you could say when I got the email from Adrian (one of the guys at Tradeology) that they were releasing a brand new, updated 2020 program, I was hyped.

I was given a test copy in return to do a full, unbiased review – and I can confidently say that I was very impressed.


Tradeology’s Previous Products:

Some of the former products and systems released by Tradeology, the makers of Infinite Profit System, include:

Forex Wealth Strategy

Infinite Profit System Review Forex
A look inside the Forex Wealth Strategy software.

This product from Tradeology focused mostly on the tech side of forex – the indicators that came with the system helped to generate both buy and trade signals.

This system essentially took the guessing game out of forex trading and eliminated the need for any technical analysis, which allowed forex traders (from beginner to professional) to do what matters – execute, and make a profit.

The accuracy was on point and this system sold really well.

Forex Duality

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

While I never personally purchased Forex Duality (it was released before ND10X) I’ve heard from many other forex traders that it was well worth the money.

Basically, it gave you access to an exclusive member’s area where professional traders traded in real-time, allowing you to mimic their actions.

The result?

A lot of beginner forex traders made some big money.

In addition to the member’s area, there was a live discussion that was equally as valuable for beginner traders.

Essentially, by becoming a member, you gained an immense amount of experience by watching the pro’s do what they do while also being able to discuss why they are doing it.

Also, the tracking software that came with Forex Duality helped many traders know when the right time was to enter or exit a currency trade.

Forex Duality was a huge success.


(link to my original review here)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

This system really changed the game for me and is why I’m so excited about Infinite Profit System.

Not only did it help me (an experienced forex trader) but it was also gold for beginners traders. One of the reasons these types of systems are so great for beginners is because they practically hold your hand through your first trades.

ND10X gave you the info you needed to make the trades, and all you had to do was execute – easy money.

This program was installed onto your computer and helped you analyze the forex charts and alert you when the time was right to strike.

It was a giant success, not only for its simplicity but also for its accuracy. It really helped a lot of people make a lot of money and is why, in my opinion, the Tradeology team is so reputable in the forex world.

Infinite Profit System

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Yes, the brand new, 2020-updated system by Tradeology.

In this review, I will try my best to go as in-depth as possible into why I think this program is so valuable and why I cannot wait until it gets released to the public.

Before I get into it, I’ll say this – Infinite Profit System takes the best features from all of Tradeology’s past products and combines them into one.

Anyways, let’s get into it.

Infinite Profit System Review – Details


Creators:                              Tradeology (Adrian Jones & Nicola Delic)
Product Type:                      Software and Training Forex Program (Web-based)
Price:                                    $499 USD (10% OFF Coupon Code: infinite001)
Website:                               CLICK HERE
Verdict:                                 RECOMMENDED (Read Entire Review for More Info)

Infinite Profit System Review – Features

As with other Tradeology products, there are quite a few features included.

When you purchase Infinite Profit System, you get access to:

Infinite Profit System Review – Software

The software that comes with the Infinite Profit System is fantastic and is similar to what the other Tradeology systems have had.

What this software does is gives you trade recommendations that are generated from an algorithm.

This software is something I can personally vouch for – in the past systems that this company has released, it’s been very effective in pointing out profitable trades that I would have otherwise missed.

And, from what I can see in the Infinite Profit System, the new software is even better.

Tradeology has a habit of constantly improving their algorithms and they get better and better with every single release.

(UPDATE, MARCH 25 2020: the software alerted me to a trade that made me $233 in the span of just under 17 minutes. Because of the COVID-19/Coronavirus, the markets are especially volatile and it can be difficult to make wise trades and not lose money… but the software helped me snag this awesome trade! For this reason, I cannot recommend this product enough).

(UPDATE, APRIL 2 2020: the system has been purchased by hundreds of people and has already created thousands of dollars in profits. Thank you to everyone who bought the system because of this review, I am very happy to help! If you haven’t purchased already, what are you waiting for? Email me for a 10% discount!)

The accuracy of this system is ridiculous, and the monitors scan every currency pair (which a human simply cannot do) and alert you to every single trade that will make you money – for this reason alone, this product is amazing for beginners!

Essentially, the software does all the hard work for you and it does it well, in the way software tends to do.

The indicators offered with the Infinite Profit System are fantastic – let’s take a look at them.

Infinite Profit System Indicators

This new system is based on a few different types of indicators, including:

  • Swing Points Indicator
  • Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD)
  • Stochastic Oscillator

These indicators are used incredibly effectively to help you identify trades that have a high chance of being very profitable.

Basically, the indicators will find forex trades for you – for those beginners out there, this is valuable.

Buy Low/Sell High

This is the rules of the Infinite Profit System and is how you will make tons of money trading forex.

As long as you follow this simple rule and use the indicators to help you, you should have no trouble winning currency trades even if you are a total beginner.

Once you are inside the Member’s Area, you will be taught how to use the provided indicators in order to assist you in entering trades where at the right time.

Personally, I would recommend Infinite Profit System for the software alone – BUT, it’s the member’s area that really makes this purchase worth it.

Infinite Profit System Review – Member’s Area

This is where the value of Infinite Profit System really shines.

The member’s area is an active discussion that you gain access to upon buying the system – here you will find others who have purchased Infinite Profit System just like you, and everyone talks about how to use it for maximum potential.

The member’s area is really why I think the price for Infinite Profit System is so worth it.

If you happen to struggle with the software or need any help whatsoever, there are thousands (yes, thousands) of other traders, both professional and amateurs, who will answer questions and offer insights into how the system can be used to its maximum potential.

Let’s go over what exactly you get inside the Infinite Profit System’s Members Area.

Development Team

If you have any questions about the software or anything to do with Infinite Profit System, this is where you can ask questions – the benefit of Infinite Profit System is the interactions that it provides you with other traders and the developers.

Everyone is in it together, and everyone involved with this system will help you (thus helping one another) to make profitable forex trades.


The updates to the software are provided in this section and help is offered to guide you through any updates.

Typically, these updates basically mean improvements – this means the system is constantly getting better, and the team helps you figure it out along the way.


The Tradeology team is constantly hosting webinars – I can confidently say that these webinars are so, so valuable for forex traders.

I know a guy who bought one of the last systems for the sole purpose of gaining access to these webinars. The guys behind the company and these systems are experienced forex traders who know what they are doing, and it’s in their best interest to share that knowledge with their customers.

The webinars are all-inclusive, and fellow members often share tips and tricks in the comments. If you have any questions or need help, you can ask them in the comments and either the Tradeology team or another member will provide you with help

Live Support

This is the responsive customer service area where you can get help with any technical difficulties you may come across.

Usually, the support team is pretty quick to get back to you.

If you’ve never used a forex system before, then this team will help you find your feet and get to making big trades.

That said, this system is generally pretty straightforward and I don’t know anyone who’s had any significant issues with the software.

Infinite Profit System Review: Member’s Area Demo

Want a real look inside the Member’s Area?

The Member’s Area consists of 15 sections/modules, titled as such:

  • Welcome
  • Manual
  • Downloads
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Ring the Bell
  • Live Webinars
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Bonuses
  • Forex for Beginners
  • Support

Here’s a breakdown of exactly what you will get inside each section of the Infinite Profit System and the tools offered to you.


A simple ‘Welcome’ to your new Infinite Profit System Member’s Area.

This section gives you a video quick run-down on what’s included in the system.


This is where you can download the full manual for how to work the system – simply click the big ‘Download’ button.


This is the section where you can find all the necessary templates, indicators, and add ons.

All of these are auto-installed, so you can sit back and start thinking about how much money you’ll make trading.

Module 1 – Introductions and Components

The first module contains lessons that will get you started with the system.

This includes lessons:

  • Introductions to Components
  • Infinity Candles
  • Infinity Lines
  • Infinity Arrows
  • Pivots
  • Multibars
  • Duo Stoch

If you’re new to forex trading or to trading with indicators, this section is especially valuable to you.

Module 2 – System Rules

Here you will find lessons that show you the ‘rules of the trading system’.

This includes lessons:

  • Conservative Buy Rules
  • Conservative Sell Rules
  • Aggressive Buy Rules
  • Aggressive Sell Rules

This section teaches you how to use the software for your benefit.

Module 3 – Trade Examples

This module provides live examples of traders using the software/indicators, such as:

  • Buy Trade Examples, and
  • Sell Trade Examples.

See how it’s really done in real-time in order to fully master the Infinite Profit System.

Module 4 – Advanced Training Part 1

Modules 4, 5, and 6 involve advanced training techniques for the more advanced traders (after trading for a little while with Infinite Profit System, it will not take long to be able enough to understand these modules).

Module 5 – Advanced Training Part 2

Continuation of Module 5.

Module 6 – Advanced Training Part 3

Continuation of Module 6.

Ring The Bell

This section of the course is a great way to stay motivated and inspired; Ring The Bell is where traders can share their successful trades with others by posting.

Live Webinars

Weekly live webinars, involving topics on trading and techniques, are broadcasted every week and include very helpful info for forex traders of all experience levels.

Recorded Webinars

This is where you can watch recordings of all past webinars.


In addition to the Infinite Profit System software and member’s area, Tradeology is also throwing in some extra bonus products for everyone who purchases the system.

Yes – when you buy Infinite Profit System, you get access to five extra systems.

These bonus products are valuable in and of themselves and will help any and all forex traders (especially beginners) make profitable trades in these times of high market volatility.

The five systems you get once you purchase Infinite Profit System include:

Forex Market Force

(originally valued at $500)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Forex Market Force is a great system for when the market is exhibiting a clear bullish or bearish trend.

This is a safe system to be utilized when the forex market is on a roll and you want to profit off the momentum.

Forex Wealth Encryption

(originally valued at $500)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Forex Wealth Encryption takes a new and under-utilized approach to identify hidden opportunities to make massive forex trades.

This system cuts through the noise and helps you find those big trades that might just be hiding in plain site.

Forex Disruptor

(originally valued at $500)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Forex Disruptor is another indicator that helps you find trades that you otherwise might miss – it picks up on smaller activity in currency activity to guide you towards possible trades.

Profit Revelation

(originally valued at $500)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Profit Revelation is a very successful system that has proven to lead forex traders to increases in revenue without increasing risk, making it a system not to be missed.

Ribbononic Forex

(originally valued at $500)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Ribbonomic Forex is a solid system that aims to provide consistent and dependable profits for forex traders.

It is a simple, step-by-step system that beginner forex traders can truly rely on to help bring home money every day.

All these five systems are available to download with every purchase of Infinite Profit System.

Forex for Beginners

Yes, this is where beginners can learn a bunch of key information you’ll need to be successful at forex trading.

Some of the videos in this section include:

  • Intro to Forex
  • What Are Pips
  • Currency Pairs
  • Brokers
  • Common Forex Terms
  • Spreads
  • Swaps
  • Size, Margin, Leverage
  • Orders
  • Charts
  • Time Frames
  • Complete Guide to MetaTrader 4


Gain access to all relevant contact information for any questions or difficulties you may have within the program.

Cash Compass – Trade Assistant

Cash Compass is a great automated tool to take your forex trading to the next level.

Infinite Profit System Review – Scam or Not?

No, Infinite Profit System is absolutely not a scam.

I’ve purchased and reviewed lots of forex products and programs in my day and can confidently say that this system is legit.

The guys behind it (the Tradeology team, Adrian Jones & Nicola Delic) are masters at their craft and have over a decade of experience in creating legitimate forex products that actually help other forex traders make money.

The Infinite Profit System is a result of hundreds of hours of work put in and the result is a great system that is well worth looking into for anyone who is not already making six figures trading forex.

Infinite Profit System Review – Will it make you money?

Yes, the system will help you make money.

The ways in which this system helps make forex traders make better trades include:

  • providing live trade recommendations
  • performing technical analysis for traders
  • scanning all currency pairs, more so than any human is capable of
  • member’s area provides lots of valuable info and strategies
  • a hardworking development team that helps all members

If you are looking for a forex system that will generate profitable trade opportunities for you, Infinite Profit System is a perfect choice.

Infinite Profit System Review – Pros & Cons


  • no need to do any technical analysis, as the system does it for you
  • no need to recognize patterns or charts, the system does it for you
  • the system monitors all currency pairs that would otherwise not be possible
  • the system alerts you to lucrative trading opportunities you might otherwise miss
  • the member’s area is packed full of info, tips, tricks, support and strategies that are worth the price of the system itself
  • software is suited for beginners to help make profitable trades (professionals use it as well, but it is designed with amateurs in mind)
  • cuts the time you need to spend trading in half


  • at $500, it can be expensive for some (hint: I have a 10% discount code. Email me at for it anytime.)
  • the system doesn’t make trades for you, you need to execute them yourself
  • can be overwhelming for some

Infinite Profit System Review – Testimonials

(these are all from the Tradeology website)

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Free Bonuses

Infinite Profit System Review Forex
Click The Image To Go Download These Systems

In an effort to help promote the upcoming Infinite Profit System launch, Tradeology is generously offering a couple of bonus systems – free of charge.

Whether you plan on purchasing the Infinite Profit System or not, these free systems are definitely worth taking a look at. They are easy, simple strategies that are especially effective as we all try to trade the forex markets during this especially volatile time.

The two free systems that Tradeology is currently offering are:

Iron Eagle Forex System

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

This is a great system for anyone looking to make some good forex trading profits over the next while.

This system is designed to be a jumpstart into the world of forex trading, so if you happen to be new to this then the Iron Eagle System is perfect for you – considering it’s free, this is a great opportunity to start trading now.

The Iron Eagle System looks like this:

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

It essentially provides you indicators and tells you exactly how to trade them.

Look confusing? Don’t worry – it is fully explained in the PDF and video.

This free bonus is meant to be downloaded after you watch the following video:

Then, you can go ahead and download the Iron Eagle Manual (PDF), which will go into more detail, and download the templates that are provided for you!

This is meant to go along with the Metatrader 4 trading software you already use. It will help identify trades that have good chances of earning you good money, and as long as you follow the system (which is not difficult to do as long as you watch the video and read the manual) then you should be making some cash in no time.


Big Dog Forex System

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Similar to the Iron Eagle System, ‘Big Dog Forex’ is another free offer from Tradeology to help promote the Infinite Profit System.

For traders who want yet another strategy to implement during these times of high volatility in the markets, the Big Dog Forex System is fantastic.

Here’s a look inside the Big Dog Forex System:

Infinite Profit System Review Forex

Again, if this looks confusing don’t worry – the video and manual explain it all.

Once you’ve watched the video above, go ahead and download the Big Dog System Manual (PDF), read it, download the templates and start trading!

Same as the Iron Eagle System, Big Dog is meant to be installed with you current Metatrader 4 platform (if you aren’t already signed up with a forex broker, get on that now!)

Just by following this system step-by-step, you should be able to make some profits over the next while – take advantage of the high volatility during these crisis times!


These two free systems really lay it out all for you and provide you with an easy, actionable strategy to start making huge forex trades, while also handing you the software to help do it for you.

Want proof to see that these systems work?

Adrian (the big man at Tradeology) released this video yesterday (March 29th) to show these systems working.

If you trade well, you may be able to make enough to fully pay for the Infinite Profit System… then you will really learn how to make the big forex trades!

Don’t hold out before it’s too late! It’s time to take action.

Final Words

Infinite Profit System is an amazing forex product that has already helped me make profitable trades (I’ve been using it for less than a week).

If you have the funds and want to either 1)get started in forex or 2)improve your forex trading, then Infinite Profit System is a must-buy.

Also, even if you don’t want to buy the system, go check out the website (link at the end of this post) and sign up for their email list because they are always sending out free products or systems (these are sent to promote their company, but just take advantage of the free stuff!).

Infinite Profit System – 10% Coupon

Use Coupon Code infinite001 for 10% off!

Are you purchasing Infinite Profit System? Let me know and I’ll send you some free bonuses to help you use the system! Just send me a message on my Contact Page.



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Is Infinite Profit System Accurate?

Tradeology (the company who makes Infinite Profit System, among others) has a long track record of producing highly accurate forex trading systems. Infinite Profit System is predicted to be their most accurate yet with at least 90% accuracy.

How much does Infinite Profit System cost?

Infinite Profit System is $499 USD, although there are discount codes available upon emailing

Can you use this system offline?

No, you will need internet access to your MetaTrader 4 platform in order for Infinite Profit System to work.

What comes with Infinite Profit System?

Upon purchase of the system, you get access to both the software and the member's area.

What's including in the Member's Area?

Inside the Member's Area, you get access to webinars, live support, software updates, and the development team.

Will Infinite Profit System teach me how to trade forex?

The system includes new webinars weekly that help those who purchased Infinite Profit System to get the most out of it.

Am I able to get a refund if I don't like Infinite Profit System?

Yes, Tradeology provides a 100% money-back guaranteed if the system does not work for you.

Is this a forex robot?

No, Infinite Profit System will not perform trades for you. However, it will help identify opportunities for you to enter trades that may be profitable.

Is this a good system for forex beginners?

Yes, Infinite Profit System is a great system for beginners thanks to the easy to understand software and the live help and webinars available.

Is this a good system for experienced forex traders?

Infinite Profit System has helped many professional forex traders improve their trading.

Will this system help during high market volatility?

The creator of Infinite Profit System, Adrian Jones, has mentioned that this system will help during periods where the markets are especially volatile.

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